While under the thematic of sexually suggestive works, Picabia’s Jeune Fille from 1920 can be seen as a terribly abstract “cul.” Talk about blatant sexism: subsumption is real, y’all.
Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q. (1919)
Don’t see a butt? Not to worry, when pronounced in french, L.H.O.O.Q. sounds like “Elle a chaud au cul.” For all you native speakers out there, you’ll know this can mean, “she has a hot ass” or “there’s a fire below…”
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It’s not my blog’s birthday, but it’s my real life birthday!! Butts all around!!
Girodet, Study for Racine’s Phaedra, Act IV, Scene II
I just have this weird urge to post 18th century nudes suddenly…Tracking subsumption of the body in a commodity culture, y’all! The nude is always on my mind!
Francois Boucher, “Recumbent Female Nude,” ca. 1742-43, red, white, and black chalk on cream antique laid paper. The Horvitz Collection, Boston.
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Hell - Giovanni da Modena (Modena, 1379? – 1455?) 1410 fresco Bolognini Chapel, San Petronio , Bologna

Jacob Jordaens. Golden Apple of Discord, 1633.